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1500 E Main St
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Hours: Every Day, 10 am - 6 pm, Memorial Day - Labor Day

The Universe, the Earth, and the Evolution of Life

10 Sessions
Monday, 1-3:00, Sept 10-Nov 12                                       
Ed McBride

This class uses PowerPoint and video presentations from previous classes on the “Creation of the Universe” and “Evolution of the Earth”.  No formal background in science is required.  We will see an overview of the current Universe including Hubble’s deep field view and then look at how the earth formed and changed in its 4.5 billion year life.  At 3.6 billion years ago (bya), our early single cell ancestors (bacteria) evolved with little change over the next 2.5 billion years.  We will briefly consider how this life formed and the role of bacteria to the current time.  Then as oxygen increased, complex life quickly evolved, with the first animal being the sponge.  Eight biological design changes influenced all animal evolution.  The Cambrian explosion 500 million years ago marked the rapid evolution of life.  Darwin’s recent discovery changed the world’s view of evolution.  Evolution of our human thinking is needed to delay our extinction. 

Ed McBride has a Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry along with a 39 year career as a research scientist for Du Pont.  His special interest includes understanding the origins of life.

Class Size:  65

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