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Hours: Every Day, 10 am - 6 pm, Memorial Day - Labor Day

Summer Science Camp Schedule


Ages 7 - 10.  Please note date, time, and age range of camp. 


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Lunch Bunch Extended Care
From noon – 1 pm, ScienceWorks will be offering a supervised lunch hour!  Sign up for a morning session and pick your child up at 1 pm OR sign up for an afternoon session and drop your child off at noon.  For only $25 for the week, pack a lunch and water bottle and your child will be a part of Lunch Bunch.

Full Day Option
Sign up for both am and pm camps in the same week and recieve an extraordinary discount!

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Summer Science Camp Schedule
Please note date, time, and age range of camp.
June 18 - 22 (9 am - noon), ages 7 – 10Klamath Bird Observatory
Klamath Bird Observatory
Learn about the Bear Creek watershed through fun games, field explorations, journaling, and crafts. Hone your power of observation, learn how to use cool tools like binoculars, field guides and compasses, and explore the water, soil, plant and animal life around Bear Creek.  Learn what you can do to protect the natural environment on this great adventure!
June 18 - 22 (1 – 4 pm), ages 7 – 10
As You Like It! 
Tiffany Burns
Do you like making people laugh, acting on the stage, and having fun while doing it? Then join us in this magical and funny forest tale in our version of Shakespeare's As You Like It. We will play improvisational theater games and tell jokes to help us prepare for our big day. We'll also design our own costumes, props, lights, scenery, and more!  At the end of the week we will perform our story on the ScienceWorks stage! 
June 25 – 29 (9 am - noon), ages 7 – 10
Wild Birds and Radical RaptorsKlamath Bird Observatory
Klamath Bird Observatory
Join KBO to explore the wild and whacky world of birds!  Did you know that Peregrine Falcons can fly up to 240 miles per hour? Or that the Arctic Tern has a 7,000 mile migration from pole to pole?  We will learn how to hoot like an owl, take apart owl pellets, and watch birds in action with a visit from Badger Run and a field trip to Klamath Bird Observatory’s bird banding station.  You don’t want to miss this camp; it’s a hoot.

June 25 – 29 (1 – 4 pm), ages 7 - 10
Sylvia Branzei-Velasquez
In this yuck-filled program, we will learn about oozy, gooey and stinky stuff.  You will become a grossologist-in-training as you find out fascinating information about snot, blood, poo, spit and body odor- just to name a few gross things. You won’t want to miss making fart whistles, playing dooky tag or creating your own edible vomit!  Each disgusting topic includes experiments using materials that can be found at home.
July 2 – 6, no camp 7/4  (9 am - noon), ages 7 – 10
Watershed Explorations
Klamath Bird ObservatoryKlamath Bird Observatory
Escape the summer heat by spending the day along Bear Creek as we discover the importance of streamside habitats.  From caddisflies to salmon to people, we all depend on the health of our watersheds.  We will measure water quality, sample for aquatic insects, and learn all about the salmon life cycle.  Become a “Watershed Hero” as you learn about water conservation and help Bear Creek.

July 2 – 6, no camp 7/4  (1 – 4 pm), ages 7 – 10
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Katie MacDiamid
Discover the wonders of the earth in this action packed camp! We’ll explore natural disasters, water, weather, soil, and rocks through a variety of hands-on activities. Make your own seismometer, mix the perfect soil recipe, dig for fossils, turn salt water into freshwater, make a thermometer and more!
July 9 - 13 (9 am - noon), ages 7 – 10
World Wide Wonders
Heather Allen
Pack your bags for a virtual journey around the world.  We'll build skyscrapers in New York and create monument puzzles in Washington D.C..  Over the pond in London, we will enjoy tea and cookies while making our very own crown jewels.  Back in the U.S., we'll follow humpback whales as they migrate from Alaska to Hawaii.  And in Hawaii, we'll make tiki masks.  We'll learn what is unique about the architecture, landscapes, and histories of each stop and we'll create luggage tags, postcards, and a passport to mark the journey.

July 9 - 13 (1 – 4 pm), ages 7 – 10
Galapagos Adventures
Emily Strong
Set sail for the equatorial islands of the Galapagos where we will observe swimming birds, prehistoric marine iguanas, giant land tortoises and friendly sharks!  We’ll erupt volcanoes, dress-up like sea lions, waddle our eggs to safety as penguin parents, squirt water like Sally Lightfoot crabs, and dance like blue-footed booby birds!
July 16 - 20 (9 am - noon), ages 7 – 10
Cinema Science
Heather Allen
Could Dorothy's house really get picked up by a tornado?  Would Marlin and Dory survive the East Australian Current?  We’ll look at the science behind The Wizard of Oz, Finding Nemo, A Bug’s Life, and Star Wars.  We’ll create pop bottle tornadoes, an endangered species presentation, a bug skit, and an R2-D2 pinhole camera.  Family and friends join us on Friday as we share our creations.
July 16 - 20 (1 – 4 pm), ages 7 – 10
The Buzz About Bees
Sarah Red-Laird
Spend the week as a bee biologist and become familiar with the basics of beekeeping, pollination and food sources, honey bee biology, and planting for pollinators.   We will build a pollinator habitat, observe a live beehive, and participate in a national citizen science program using technology such as digital cameras, GPS, and apps.

July 23 - 27 (9 am – noon), ages 7 – 10
Sea Turtle Odyssey
Garth Mix
Explore one of Earth’s most ancient creatures, the sea turtle.  We’ll learn about the life-cycle of sea turtles and explore the threats on their survival.  From creating life-sized paintings of five species of sea turtle, to live video conferencing with sea turtle experts, there’s art and science shelled out every day during Sea Turtle Odessy.
July 23 - 27 (1 – 4 pm), ages 7 – 10
Magic for Muggles
Emily Strong
Transform yourself from an average Muggle to a scholar of witchcraft and wizardry at ScienceWorts!  With your magic wand, you will change solids into gases, turn cold substances warm, make invisible ink appear before your eyes, and other magical feats too daring to mention!  At the end-of-the-week banquet, you will receive your diploma in a ceremony that is sure to be delightful.  Unless of course, You-Know-Who has other plans for us!
 Coyote Trails
July 30– August 3 (9 am – 4 pm), ages 7 – 10
Amanda Smith, Jesse Biesanz and Steve Cossin
Clay, paints and pencils - mud, leaves and grass - the artistic exploration of nature.  You will be introduced to the natural world in a new and exciting way and be given a chance to experience your own relationship with nature and creativity on the grounds of ScienceWorks.  The building blocks of this new relationship are rooted in the ancient primitive living skills and forms of artistic expression that were lived by all people throughout the world. These practices include mask making, natural sculpting projects, watercolor, sketching, creative journaling, storytelling, music, dance, fire making methods using no matches or lighters, silent movement, observing animals and birds, tracks and signs, and feeling the sense of belonging and fellowship with the outdoors. Above all, the most important skill is the cultivation of the imagination and the wonder of a questioning mind.
August 6 – 10 (9 am - noon), ages 7 – 10
Dangerous Camp for Girls and Boys
Shannon Troy
Pack up your essential gear and join ScienceWorks on a fantastic adventure!  We’ll make paper airplanes, blast rockets and learn about the stars.  We’ll press flowers, weave friendship bracelets and learn how to decipher codes.  From princesses to pirates it’s a daring week that every girl and boy should attend.
August 6 – 10 (1 – 4 pm), ages 7 – 10
Blast Off!
Rob Harrington
Explore flight and propulsion by using easily found materials.  We’ll build a working hovercraft model, experiment with paper airplane design, and make parachutes. Your exploration of flight will reach new heights as we test different rockets, from paper rockets and soda bottle rockets to balloon powered rockets. This camp is out of this world!
August 13– 17 (9 am - noon), ages 7 – 10
Rhythm and Razz Mataz
Patty Aulik
Come explore rhythm play and the art of found sound as we bang, crash, thump, jump and do a whole lotta’ shaking!  Each day we’ll create a new project and turn recycled items into beautiful rhythm instruments such as tin can shakers, rain sticks and chimes.  
August 13– 17 (1 – 4 pm), ages 7 – 10
Design It!
Emily Strong
Travel through time, building great inventions such as the wheel (rubber band racers), catapults, roller coasters, wind turbines, planes, rockets and our own writing machine!  Experience the thrill of inventing as we brainstorm, design, build and test our own versions of these engineering feats.  Much of what we make will be yours to keep- you design it, you make it, you take it!
August 20 - 25 (9 am - noon), ages 7 - 10
Katie Bradley
From lightning to light bulbs, electricity is all around us.  Create a mini-bug bot with blinking eyes and twitching antennae, make your hair stand on end, design a solar-powered car, build a solar oven to toast a s’more, and try NOT to get shocked!  From basic circuitry to alternative energy, get ready for an electrifying experience!
August 20 - 25 (1 - 4 pm), ages 7 - 10
Read it!  Write it!  Draw it!  Do it!
Anjie Reynolds
The tale is in the details! We’ll use alliteration, rhyme, and stark lines to create word-image poems like Shel Silverstein; we’ll blast dry ice like Doyle and Fossey, Science Detectives; and we’ll assemble homemade batteries that could light up a dragon’s lair (or at least a squirrel’s nest!). The world of literature will inspire our art, math and science endeavors as we read it, write it, draw it, and do it!
August 27 – 31 (9 am – noon), ages 7 - 10
Whale Week
Garth Mix
Dive into the science and art of marine mammals. Learn how whales evolved from small horse-like land mammals into 100 ton ocean-swimming giants. Explore the science of sonar, water pressure and how some marine mammals can hold their breath for over an hour. Paint a LIFE-SIZED Gray whale, design and illustrate whale and dolphin trading cards, and use your imagination to invent your own unique species of whale.
August 27 – 31 (1 – 4 pm), ages 7 - 10
Kooky Chemistry
Liz Clift
Discover the world of chemistry through bubbling concoctions, fizzing mixtures, and slippery goo.  We’ll ponder, predicate, and play our way through some messy chemical fun.

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