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Science Activity Descriptions

Electrical CircuitsAbacuses: Build your own calculator!

Airplanes: Make a paper airplane and learn about the different parts that help a plane fly.

Ancient Chinese Science: In honor of the Chinese New Year, check out how the ancient Chinese used observations from the natural world to invent two important tools: sundials and compasses.

Astrolabes: Make an astrolabe, an ancient astronomical computer, and learn about how to measure the altitude of a star (or other object) why the observed altitude of Polaris (the North Star) is the same as the latitude of the observer’s location.

Beyond Visible:  Ever wonder what happens beyond the range of visible light?  Explore the realms of infrared and ultra violet with our enlightening experiments.

Bird Feet: Why do some birds have webbed toes and others have talons? Check out how different birds are adapted to different environments

Bouncing Bird: Make a toy that uses potential energy and kinetic energy

Brainteasers: See if you can figure out the tricks behind these mind-benders

Buckyballs: Make your own a model of a buckyball, the roundest of round molecules, and learn about the amazing properties of different forms of carbon.

Build a Battery: How many ways are there to power a circuit? See some of them as you build your own power source!

Coffee Filter Fireworks: Using a coffee filter, create beautiful explosions of art!

Electrical Circuits: Build a circuit and explore electricity in this activity

Electroloysis: Break down water into its components, oxygen and hydrogren, in this electrifying experiment!

Explore Energy: Use the energy of the sun, the wind, and your own body to power an electrical circuit!

Flip Books:  Create your own animated cartoon!  Color our template or make your own and write your own animated story.

Friction Climber: Make a toy that moves against the force of gravity—using the power of friction!

Goddard Rockets: Build a foam rocket that you can launch by hand

Goo Worms: Make your own gooey surprise of creepy worms!  They're gross, they're slimy, and they're edible!

Gravity: Can you hold a cup of water upsidedown without spilling?  Explore how different forces act on the macro and nano scales.

Illusion Wheels: What you see isn’t always what you get! Make spinning optical illusions in this activity.

Kaleidoscopes: Make a mirrored toy and see surprising patterns!

Kites: Build a kite! Kites have a long history of many different uses, including measuring distances, testing the wind, lifting people, signaling, and communication for military operations.

Lanterns: Make a simple paper lantern to celebrate the Chinese New Year, February 3rd Chinese

Light Harp: How can you use light to make sound? Find out in this activity!

Light Painting: Create striking images and illusions using nothing more than a camera, a light source, and a little practice.

Liquid Crystals:  Paint liquid crystals onto a take-home card and learn how liquid crystal structure causes color change according to temperature.Nanotechnology

Magnets: Explore the magic of magnetism in this attractive activity

Marvelous Math: Crack the code! Solve the puzzle! Make a hexaflexagon!

Mmmtsss: Use the sound of your voice and anything else you can find to create original and interesting music. Using Mmmtsss, this playful (and free!) software will help you loop every noise you can find!

Mobius Magic: Make simple paper loops do surprising things in this topology activity

Nano Science: Explore the world of the very, very small through nano-scale science

Oceans & Acids: What impact does acidity have on sea creatures? See what happens to seashells when the ocean gets more acidic.

Optical Illusions: What you see isn’t always what you get! Keep an eye on your eyes as you create your own optical illusions

Optics: Light is all around us. In this activity, use mirrors and prisms to make light bend, bounce, and split.

Parachutes: Explore the mechanics behind parachutes and build your own to take home!

pH Painting: Use chemistry to create surprising art!

Photosynthesis: Have you ever seen a plant breathe? Watch as a water plant turns carbon dioxide into oxygen

Plate Tectonics: See how the earth's landmasses have changed through the ages -- geology rocks!

Recycle-orama!: Help ScienceWorks be better for the planet! How many recyclables get thrown away in the museum? Participate in this waste inventory to discover how you can help reduce waste at ScienceWorks and at home.

Ring Gliders: Can you make a straw fly? This glider may not look much like an airplane, but just watch it float!
Make-it Take-it Activities
See Real DNA!: Did you know that you can extract DNA with simple household materials? Do this activity to see the building blocks of life!

Shrinky Dinks: Can you create tiny art?  Use our special paper to create normal art and then shrink it down to size!

Size Matters: Does size really matter?  Yes, it does!  Learn more about how things change when you go from macro to nano!

Slime: Make some slime that behaves in weird ways

Snowflakes: See some examples of crystal growth and make your own paper snowflakes. Can you make a snowflake shaped like a dinosaur?

Solar Power:  Test different materials to see if they permit enough energy to power a solar model.

Sound Sandwich: How can a sandwich make sound? Come find out with this activity, and build a simple musical instrument

Star Clocks: Did you know that the stars can be used as a clock? Do this activity and you’ll be able to tell the time with the Big Dipper!

Straw Kazoo:  Make a simple kazoo out of a plastic straw and learn out how sound is produced.

Sundials:  Make a simple diptych sundial and learn about how the sun can be used to tell time.

Sunspot Telescopes: Can you see spots on the sun?  Using a special filter for our telescope, we can!

Tangrams: Create your own ancient Chinese puzzle and see how many shapes you can create using the pieces.

Thin Films: Can clear things be colorful? Use a clear nail polish to create a thin film of beautiful colors.

Toy Take-a-Part: Bring in your own animatronic toys (toys with moving parts, sounds, etc.) and learn what makes them work by taking them apart.  Try to put the toy back together or create your own toy with the pieces! (Caution: Participants will be taking apart their toys and they are unlikely to return to their original condition.)

Thaumatropes: Make a “magic spinner” that combines two images into one

UV Bracelets: Can you see ultraviolet?  Learn more of the light that exists beyond purple and create your own detector for UV radiation.

Vacuum Power: Check out the power of air pressure and lack of air -- vacuums!

Van de Graaff Generator: Learn about static electricity during this hair-raising demonstration

Zoetropes: Come and create your own moving figure for use in our zoetrope.  Create your own panels or color some of our templates and watch them move.


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