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Spooky Science

Spooky Science
Spooky Science


During this “Trick or Treat” season, the focus is generally on the “Treats”.  At ScienceWorks, we give you a chance to explore some of the “Tricks.”  Come try your hand at making some amazing science “tricks” and illusions, and learn about the science behind them.  This fun, family friendly event will get you ready to share the tricks you learn this Halloween. 

Spooky Science is free with admission and is perfect for all ages!

Schedule of Activities

Hands-on Activities in the Discovery Lab

Saturday, 11 - 12:30

Creepy Blinkers - Make a creepy, crawly creation to decorate our museum for Halloween!  Add some LEDs, some wire, and a battery to make the eyes of your creation light up and blink!  Lend us your creativity; your creepy creation will live at ScienceWorks for all to see!

Saturday, 2:30 - 4
Return of the Slime - 
Come enjoy one of our all time favorites, making some Slime!  Slime returns with some old tricks and some new!

Sunday, 11 - 12:30
Ghost Hunters - 
Can you catch a ghost in a bottle?  Yes you can!  Use the powers of air pressure and humidity to “catch” an apparition in a bottle and see it appear and disappear!

Sunday, 2:30 - 4
Cyber Squash - Ever had an electronic pumpkin?  You can now!  Bring your own pumpkin and we’ll help you carve it.  For an extra $1, we’ll help you add some light and a circuit to create your own cyber squash!

Saturday & Sunday, 1:00
Jack-o-Lantern Mischief & Mayhem Show 

Join us as we experiment with our favorite haunted heads for an event that will blow your mind!  We will bring together the power of the Jack-o-lantern and science to create a spook-tacular Halloween Show!


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