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1500 E Main St
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: 541 482-6767
Fax: 541 482-5716
Email: info@scienceworksm. . .
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm

Field Trips

STEAM Field Trips  

Bring your class to ScienceWorks for an exciting three part program. Your students will explore museum exhibits in small chaperone-led groups during our Exhibit Exploration, tackle an interesting science topic in a STEAM Discovery Lab, and round out the day with a dynamic ScienceLIVE! demonstration with a ScienceWorks staff member. Choose the STEAM Discovery Lab and ScienceLIVE! demonstration that best suits your curriculum and student needs. Spark curiosity in your students with a hands-on adventure at ScienceWorks!

Field trips are 2 hours long, and are offered Monday through Friday. The AM session is 9:30am to 11:30, and the PM session is 12:30-2:30. Field trips will begin on October 1st.
Each session can accommodate two classes of up to 30 students (60 total). Field Trips are aimed at students in grades K-8.

Field trips are $8/student, minimum of $120; 1 adult per 15 students admitted free, $8/ea for additional chaperones or siblings. Fee waivers, reduced fares, and travel reimbursement funds may be available!
Contact for more information.

STEAM Discovery Lab Offerings

Science: Scientific Illustration
In this session we will examine physical remains of a lifeform, and will learn how scientists use observation and anatomical evidence to reconstruct lifeforms they have never seen. Fall 2018 labs will utilize the pterosaur exhibit as part of this lab.

Technology: Circuits and Bots
In this lab, students will apply what they learn through circuitry challenges to construct their own bots and creatures that can move, light up, and make noise.

Engineering: Lego Earthquake Design
Earthquakes are a common part of life here in the Pacific Northwest, but do students understand what makes our buildings safe? In this engineering practice students will explore building their own lego structures, and putting them to the test with earthquake simulations!

Art: The Sound of Science
In this lab, students will learn about acoustics, in a hands-on, immersive introduction to the physics of sound. Students will see and feel sound, and will come away from this lab with a deeper appreciation of how sound shapes all people and our world.

Math: Crater Creators
How were craters formed? What makes some bigger, and others smaller? In this lesson series students will measure and make predictions about what makes craters so many different depths and lengths.

ScienceLIVE! Demonstration Offerings

When you book a field trip at ScienceWorks, one of the following ScienceLIVE! demonstrations will be chosen for you based on instructor availability.

The Sound of Sweet Science!
Witness the science behind sound, and how it flows through the environment. Find out how animals and humans use sound in different ways.

Itís Not Magic, Itís Science!
Have you ever seen something unbelievable and wondered if it was magic? Have you ever seen water turn into blood? How about something freeze right before your eyes? This may sound like magic, but during this demonstration we will show you the science behind chemical reactions that may appear to be magic!

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