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1500 E Main St
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: (541) 482-6767
Fax: (541) 482-5716
Email: info@scienceworksm. . .
Hours: Every Day, 10 am - 6 pm, Memorial Day - Labor Day

From robotic dinosaurs to tiny toys, explore the wild world of robotics!

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Weekend Activity Schedule


10:30 - 11
Robotics Storytime!
Kids 5 & under will enjoy special robot-themed stories in the Sci-Theater.

11 - 12:30
Robotic Friends        
You're finally in control as you program your friends to stack cups in interesting patterns using just a few simple commands. Test your own code reading abilities by trying to follow programs created by our staff!
(Suggested Ages: 5 and up and families)

2:30 - 4
Toy Dissection         
Ever wonder what makes a toy part move or make a sound? By dissecting a working toy, you can see the working parts inside. How much can you remove and keep the toy working? All the dissected electronic parts will help ScienceWorks run future programs!
(Suggested Ages: 10 and up)


11 - 12:30
Pico Crickets    
Create your own program to control a computer!  Using a program, different sensors, motors, and noise makers, what can you create?
(Suggested Ages:  All Ages)​

2:30 - 4
Binary Baubles        
Use the binary language of computers to write your name or a secret message in code on a piece of wearable art. (Suggested Ages:  8 and up)


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