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It's Flight Time Weekend at ScienceWorks!

Flight Time Weekend

With morning Hot Air Balloon launches and air plane flyby’s (weather permitting), this will be one fun event! Saturday activities and demos focus on thrust powered flight. If hovering is more your style, join us Sunday for vertical flight activities and demonstrations.  

Special activities both days

Hot Air Balloon Rides starting at 7am
Local pilot and firefighter Jim Campbell is bringing his hot air balloon to ScienceWorks! For a small charge, jump in the balloon for a short tethered ride in the sky above the museum! Weather permitting, the balloon set up will start at 7 am and rides to start shortly after. Rides will continue until the wind picks up. CASH ONLY: Adults $3, Children $2 Outside on the Lawn (Suggested Ages: All Ages)

Airplane Flyby at 2pm
Local pilot Richard Hendrickson is going to do a flyby of ScienceWorks! Watch as he flies above the museum and does some tight turns! Outside on the Lawn (Suggested Ages: All Ages)

Saturday Activities

Story Time from 10:30 - 11am
Join us in the SciTheater for some flight-related stories for kids ages 5 and under.

Flight Simulator from 11am - 4pm
Join us for a trip in an aircraft simulator! Learn some of the basics of getting an airplane into the air, without having to leave the ground. At the Exploration Station (Suggested Ages: 8 and up)

Stomp Rockets Activity from 11am - 12:30pm
These rockets are powered by a blast of air! Create a simple rocket and help us launch it into the air! (Suggested Ages: 5 and up)

Foam Plate Glider Activity from 2:30 - 4pm
Using this amazing aircraft design, learn about the basics on how an aircraft works! Between rudders and flaps, see how you can control your glider. (Suggested Ages: 8 and up)

Rocket Dynamics Demo at 12 & 4 pm
Learn about the flight that goes into rockets! We’ll launch our water bottle rockets outside with different additions so that we can test the effects of aerodynamics! (Suggested Ages: All Ages)

Sunday Activities

Laminar Air Table Activity from 11am - 12:30pm
Our Air Table creates a column of air that can make your creations float! Create something for the air table and tinker with it until it can hover! (Suggested Ages: 5 and up)

Balloon Hover Craft Activity from 2:30 - 4pm
Using some simple home materials, you can make your own miniature hover craft to take home. Come learn how! (Suggested Ages: 8 and up)

Hover Craft Demo at 12 & 4pm
Hover Craft float on a column of air. This one uses household materials and a plan that you could create a home!  (Suggested Ages: All Ages)


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