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1500 E Main St
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: (541) 482-6767
Email: liese@scienceworks. . .
Hours: Every Day, 10 am - 6 pm, Memorial Day - Labor Day

Kinder Camp Schedule


All Kinder Camps are for children 4 – 6 and take place from 9 am – noon.
Kinder Camps are best suited for potty trained children who have already been successful in a structured learning environment.

ALL KINDER CAMPS ARE FULL - you may still register for Lunch Bunch extended care 
and call to be placed on a wait list.

Lunch Bunch Extended Care
From noon – 1 pm, ScienceWorks will be offering a supervised lunch hour!  Sign up for a morning session and pick your child up at 1 pm OR sign up for an afternoon session and drop your child off at noon.  For only $25 for the week, pack a lunch and water bottle and your child will be a part of Lunch Bunch. 

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Kinder Camp Schedule

All Kinder Camps are for children 4 – 6 and take place from 9 am – noon.
Kinder Camps are best suited for potty trained children who have already been successful in a structured learning environment.
June 18 - 22 (9 am – noon), ages 4 – 6
Dirty Rotten Science
Jessica Fitzsimmons
Get down and dirty as we discover what dirt is and what’s in dirt!  You’ll have a chance to dig in dirt to find worms and bugs, explore how garbage rots, and even plant a seed.  You will go on a bug hunt, make bug hotels, and make your own Chia pet.  This is sure to be a dirty rotten week!
June 25 – 29 (9 am – noon), ages 4 - 6
Let’s Have a Ball
Heather Allen
Drop it, roll it, toss it, throw it!  We’ll explore motion and gravity while experimenting with all different types of balls.  We’ll go on a scavenger hunt to find exhibits that use balls in the museum, we’ll make predictions and conduct experiments using different sizes and styles of balls.  We’ll even make our own popcorn and nut butter balls.
July 2 – 6, no camp 7/4 (9 am – noon), ages 4 – 6
Hawaiian Vacation
Tia Lehua McClean
Aloha!  All aboard the magic airplane to the island of Maui.  We'll learn to hula dance, sing in Hawaiian and make leis.  We'll get to make a fish print, learn about sharks, erupt a volcano and play traditional Hawaiian games.  Families will be invited to our luau performance on Friday.
July 9 - 13 (9 am - noon), ages 4 – 6
Shark Week
Tia Lehua McClean
Explore the mysteries of the deep during Shark Week.  Examine a shark jaw, go on a shark scavenger hunt, make shark scales, travel on a shark migration, and explore the difference between cartilage and bone.  Bravely meet Thresher, Tiger, Whale, Nurse, Mako, Hammerhead and Great White!
July 16 – 20 (9 am - noon), ages 4 – 6
Animal Artists
Stacey Perry
Discover art as a way to explore how animals move, where they live, and how they blend into their surroundings.  We’ll take a close-up look at animals’ homes, tracks, signs, and even at animals themselves! Then, use role-playing, costume, drawing, painting, sculpture, song, and more as we delve deep into the worlds animals inhabit. At week’s end, display your creations in an art show for family and friends!
July 23 - 27 (9 am - noon), ages 4 – 6
Treasure Hunt
Jessica Fitzsimmons
Set off on an adventure to find treasure!  But first, you must become a good detective.  We will explore fingerprints, make our own spy equipment, and write messages with secret ink.  At the end of the week, we’ll use our super sleuthing skills to find the treasure!
July 30 – August 3 (9 am - noon), ages 4 – 6
Little Fox CubsCoyote Trails
Michele Pavilonis and Marissa Ballard
Coyote Trails School of Nature invites you to become immersed in the outdoors as we explore a symphony of delight and wonder on the grounds of ScienceWorks.  Learn about basic survival (shelter, water, fire and food), animal tracking, plant ecology, bird language and more, through art, craft, song and performance.  This camp is taught entirely through hands-on and experiential learning techniques helping children explore through the sounds and smells of nature.
August 6 – 10 (9 am - noon), ages 4 – 6
Sticky Slippery Messy Mix-y Textures 
Anjie Reynolds
Follow your curiosity this week and enjoy the texture – and sometimes taste! – of a good mess. Whether slopping up slime together, mixing up homemade bouncy balls, watercoloring without hands, forming snowballs in summer, or testing the total tastiness of your own soda pop concoction, everyone will love observing, exploring, and experiencing the world of the sticky slippery messy mix-y.
August 13 – 17 (9 am - noon), ages 4 – 6
Wizards of the Rogue
Naomi Caspe
Step into the magical world of wizards!  Learn amazing true secrets of the universe in this whimsical wizard workshop.  Play theater games, learn basic performance techniques, enjoy facepainting and work with trained animals - the classic bunny and dove.  The magic is shared with a show for families on the final day of camp.
August 20 - 24 (9 am -  noon), ages 4 – 6
ScienceWorks Explorers
Shannon Troy and Liz Clift
Join ScienceWorks’ staff outside under the blue and yellow tent for a week of wacky wild fun.  Each day brings a new and exciting theme.  During Where the Wild Things Are, you’ll learn about animals as we introduce you to Beardy the Bearded Dragon, Lizzy the Water Dragon, and other “wild” creatures.  Messy Chemistry Day will include experiments like making slime and watching colors explode in milk.  Oh the places you’ll go on Seussology Day as we read silly stories and do fun Seuss-inspired activities, like making your own oobleck, planting a seed and smelling something too small to be seen. On Einstein Imagination Day, dress in your favorite costume and go on an awesome adventure that only you can imagine.  We’ll wrap up the week with Water Play Day which includes not only the science of water, but water balloon tosses, Slip and Slide mania and a trip to Garfield Park!
August 27 – 31 (9 am – noon), ages 4 - 6
Don’t Bump the Glump 
Shannon Troy
The sidewalk ends at ScienceWorks as we enjoy the whimsical words and illustrations of Shel Silverstein.  Using his poetic inspiration and art, we will discover a world of wonder and science by constructing our own musical instruments, silly sock puppets, poetic play dough characters, and talkative telephones to tell our own rhythmic rhymes.  We will discover the wondrous world of worms and other interesting creatures below our feet, grow our own plant pet, and create our own class poem complete with one-of-a-kind student illustrations.  This camp will be nothing short of A Giraffe in Half.

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