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Hours: Every Day, 10 am - 6 pm, Memorial Day - Labor Day

Camp Instructor Bios

Summer Camp 2012 Instructor Bios

Heather Allen
Heather has a long history of training and teaching from preschool to college.  She has a bachelor's degree in communications, English, and education and is pursuing a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction and non-profit management.  Heather loves ScienceWorks and what it offers kids in the Rogue Valley.  She believes education should be an experience and every child should be given a chance to learn and grow in their own way.

Patricia Aulik
Patricia Aulik has taught percussive and folk art in the Afro-Cuban tradition for over 20 years to groups of all ages and abilities. Her classes range from Found Sound, Razz Mataz (the creating of percussive instruments form recycled objects) to formal college classes in hand drumming. Patricia's style is all inclusive, highly creative and seriously fun!
Jesse Biesanz
Jesse, aka the Frisbee NCoyote Trailsinja, has been immersing himself into the Coyote world as much as possible since 2004.  He began as a student then returned to volunteer  and is now an instructor.  He grew up in Costa Rica where he ran tours on horseback, by kayak, mountain bike and on foot through amazing, dense, bio-diverse rain forests.  He is really excited to be learning as much and more about the Rogue Valley's (USA's 2nd most bio-diverse) ecosystem as he knows about Costa Rica's.  His other passions are stone masonry and yoga.  One of his great pleasures is finding balance; with rocks, poses, nature and sharing skills with other people.
Katie Bradely
Katie is a graduate student in the MS in Environmental Education program at SOU. She enjoys rock climbing and hiking, and hopes to inspire in others the same sense of wonder and appreciation she frequently experiences in nature.
Sylvia Branzei
Sylvia Branzei is the premier grossologist of the universe. That is because she invented Grossology. She is the originator of grossology, or the idea of teaching science through gross things.  Sylvia is the author of Grossology®, which has five different books in the series. She also writes other stuff, so that makes her the author of the Ickstory series- icky stuff in history. And the Rebel in a Dress series about tough cookies in history.
Sylvia is 53 years old. Well, actually in her head she is about 12. She lives in rural Southern Oregon with her husband, Byron, dog and cat. Performing museums, universities, and schools often takes her into various cities and towns and even countries.  And she sings in a band for children called Wacky Dog. Now that is soooooooo fun!
Tiffany Burns
Tiffany taught a ScienceWorks theater camp with us last year. She has been an educator for 8 years and has taught both children and adults in Oregon, Alaska and Mexico. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts and a master's degree in Teaching. Tiffany believes learning should be fun and exciting, and her passion and enthusiasm in the classroom arecontagious. 
Coyote Trails
Katie Buttermore
Katie Buttermore grew up playing in the outdoors of Columbus, OH. Spending a great deal of time in the Hocking Hills learning outdoor living skills, she began instructing at age 15 at Camp Wyandot of Camp Fire USA Central OH. Since then, she has maintained a passionate relationship with nature, graduated from Denison University (OH) with a B.S. in Biology, and has immersed herself with Coyote Trails' School of Nature, doing a 4-season Caretaker Program. She is continuing to learn about herself by discovering the world under her feet.

Naomi Caspe
Naomi’s first Magic Show was for the neighborhood at age 11. Since then she has performed as a professional magician, clown and storyteller throughout the West coast, Japan and Taiwan with her company ”Magic Makers”. She studied mime with Marcel
Marceau and special studies in clowning and storytelling at Dominican University. Her artistry can be found in the best selling Klutz children’s book Facepainting.
Liz Clift
Liz has been an educator for 6 years and has facilitated learning opportunities for children and adults in North and South Carolina, Iowa, and Oregon. She holds a bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies and a master’s degree in Creative Writing & Environment. Liz believes learning should be hands-on, engaging, and relevant to students. She loves being outside, getting messy, and finding fun.
Jessica Fitzsimmons
Jessica graduated with bachelor's degree in Human Services.  She also holds a master's degree in Teaching.  She has been an educator for over seven years and has worked with children in preschool through early elementary.  Jessica loves the energy and excitement that kids naturally have in the classroom and thinks their curiosity is a gift that should help guide their learning.
Jim Hagemann
Jim has lived in Ashland for the past 24 years.  In college he was a track and field All-American at Southern Oregon University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Fitness Management, as well as his Masters of Arts in Teaching.  He has taught health and PE at Ashland Middle School and currently teaches physical education at both Helman and Walker Elementary Schools.  Jim is also the head track and field coach at Ashland Middle School.
Rob Harrington
Rob Harrington has been an elementary school teacher for over 20 years and has taught in the Willamette Valley and Southern Oregon.  Rob has had a strong interest in science ever since he was a child and believes that science should be hands-on, fun, and exciting. For the past 8 years, he has ran an after school science club in the Three Rivers School District. 
Katie MacDiarmid
Katie is currently working towards both a teaching license for elementary and middle school science and a master’s degree in Environmental Education at SOU. She has taught science in a wide variety of settings, both outdoors and in the classroom, for 1st through 9th grade students. Katie loves fun science experiments and projects of all kinds!
Tia Lehua McLean
Tia was born and raised on Maui.  She moved to Ashland in 1999 to pursue a BA in Theatre Arts and an MAT in elementary education.  After travelling and teaching in Asia with her husband, she returned to Ashland to raise her family.  She has been teaching at Helman Elementary School for the past 6 years.
Garth Mix
Garth Mix, raised on Kodiak Island, AK, is an illustrator/graphic designer with a specialty in depicting marine mammals and ocean biology.  He currently works with marine biologists nation-wide creating species illustrations for informative publications by organizations including NOAA and NMFS.  He illustrated the Field Guide to Marine Mammals and Sea Turtles of the U.S. Atlantic Coast and Gulf of Mexico winning the 2000 National Outdoor Book Award for best nature guidebook, the outdoor world’s largest and most prestigious book award program.   He enjoys sharing his passion for marine mammals with children of all ages.
Jeanine MoyKBO
Jeanine graduated from Cornell University in 2007 with a B.S. in Applied Ecology, and from Southern Oregon University in 2011 with a MS in Environmental Education. She has varied experience with ecological research and education, including; conducting plant surveys in Yellowstone, managing an Agroforestry Extension Project in upstate New York, and working as an Experiential Environmental Educator in Colorado. Jeanine is now happy to work for Klamath Bird Observatory in the Education and Outreach Program.  In her free time, Jeanine loves to rock-climb, paint, and share the wonders of nature with others.
Shauna Oster
Shauna is currently a graduate student in SOU’s Environmental Education program and is also working toward a secondary biology teaching licensure. She loves sharing her enthusiasm for Science! Some of her favorite work experiences include leading field trips as a member of the AmeriCorps Watershed Stewards Project and her adventures on the road as a traveling science educator for OMSI. In between helping kids in the community with their science fair projects and guiding nature hikes, Shauna enjoys kayaking, painting, scuba diving, and roller-skating.
Michele PavlionisCoyote Trails
Homegrown in the woods around Ashland, Oregon, Michele is a natural-world adventurer and full-time mom of two daughters.  Currently, Michele graduated from SOU with a degree in Early Childhood Development and a minor in Outdoor Adventure Leadership while receiving a certificate in Native American Studies.  Michele had been working in the outdoors with and without children nearly 20 years, believing that we are the change we are seeking in making a difference in the world.  Her passion lies in working with young children and helping them gain appreciation for nature during their earliest memories.  She currently helps co-teach the Coyote Naturalist class at Willow Wind Community Learning Center in Ashland, volunteers for local non-profit Native American organizations, and assists at North Mountain Park Nature Center working with youth.  Other interests include taichi, yoga, and natural healing.   In the summer, you'll find her at camp with the "Little Fox Cubs"!
Stacey Perry
Stacey has worked with students of all ages in day camps and outdoor education settings for five years.  Her teaching philosophy for young children is guided by a belief in hands-on, student-directed exploration and creative play.  Stacey is currently in the master's in Environmental Education program at Southern Oregon University and is also working towards a teaching certification at the elementary and middle school levels.
Sarah Red-Laird
Sarah Red-Laird is the Executive Director of Bee Girl, a nonprofit organization with the mission to preserve honeybees, beekeepers, and food resources by providing outreach, education, support, and mentorship for beekeepers and communities. She spends her time working with honey bees and their keepers, teaching pre-K through graduate level college students about bees and beekeeping, and reaching out to the community through speaking engagements and good bee policy.
Anjie Reynolds
Anjie has been teaching students of all ages for 20 years.  Whether guiding tours in Alaska, instructing writing and critical thinking to college students, or fostering the development and education of pre-schoolers, she is inspired by the curiosity and wonder that lead to learning.  She holds a master’s degree in Literature from Western Washington University, and combines science and the arts in a nurturing and exciting classroom.

Amanda SmithCoyote Trails
Amanda grew up in the woods of Oregon and Colorado and, as a home school student, she chose to study that which interested her the most. She spent the majority of her time outside, and started training in primitive wilderness skills at a very young age.  As an accomplished tracker in training, she has instructed students in the art of bushcraft since she was seventeen. Her other passions involve classical violin and martial arts.
Emily Strong
Emily visited the Galapagos Islands in 1991 and again in 2012 and is excited to bring her passion for the region to ScienceWorks.  Originally a middle school science teacher in the Bay Area, Emily now teaches ScienceWorks outreach programs including engineering design at Willow Wind, Kids Unlimited and the Illuminating Science Inquiry program.
Shannon Troy
A key tenet of Shannon's teaching philosophy: people should laugh while they learn, because you learn more when you enjoy what you're doing. She is also a dynamic facilitator, responding to the needs and ideas of her audience. She has been an educator for 12 years, and enjoys helping kids - and adults! - find fun in science and learning. Shannon holds a bachelor's degree in Wildlife Biology and a master's degree in Environmental Education.  She has been an educator at ScienceWorks for over five years.

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