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NanoDays Celebration - March 30 & 31

2011 NanoDays

Nano Days is the biggest event for the smallest science.  Nanoscience is all about the very, very, very small—one nanometer is one billionth of a meter! Things that are familiar in everyday life suddenly behave a lot differently when they’re made that tiny.

Weekend Schedule

  • From 11am - 3:30pm explore a world too small to see.
Make a bracelet that changes colors, test the memory of metal, write a message in nano code, become a scanning probe microscope, and more! 

  • At 11am and 3:30pm witness Mentos Madness!
Find out the bizarre properties of Mentos candy and carbon dioxide (CO2) in our Mentos Madness demonstration!  Learn more about a common gas as you watch CO2 change water different colors, learn about the nanoscale properties of the popular Mentos candy, and see the explosive combination of the two inside of Diet Coke!

  • At 1pm see the ScienceLive! show Got Nano?
Do you have nano?  We have nano.  Explore the extremely tiny (“nano” is a billionth of something) and extraordinary world of nano in this ScienceLive! show.  How do materials behave differently on the nanoscale than on the macroscale?  By participating in outrageous experiments like the “bed of nails” and “magic sand”, you will discover the secret science of nano.  At the end of the show, everyone is going to “get” NANO!


How small is Nano?

Click here for a visual demonstration of scales of size.  Once you reach the link, use your mouse to move the bar beneath the pictures across the screen.


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