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1500 E Main St
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: (541) 482-6767
Email: sylvia@sciencework. . .
Hours: 7 days a week, 10 am - 6 pm

Discovery Lab Descriptions

Grades K-2

Bubble Science:
Why are bubbles round?  Why are they so colorful?   Students will explore the science behind bubbles through hands-on experiments and inquiry as they create their own bubble solution and unique shaped wand.

Space Stations:
Participants will discover the wonders of space through hands-on activities with a free exploration station set-up. They will make mini rockets, planet orbiter models, sun-prints, and learn about the planets in our solar system.  This out-of-this-world investigation will allow studentsí minds to discover the stars!

Science Sampler:
Discover the many wonderful worlds of Science! By rotating through different stations, students will experience fun, interactive activities exploring chemistry, physics, biology, geology, and astronomy.

Grades 3-5

From the Inside Out! Junior:
A great introduction to biology, students will be fascinated as they have an opportunity to dissect their own squid!  This lab is sure to bring excitement through the surprising wonder of this ocean dwelling creature.

Science and fun explode as students have an opportunity to design their own rocket and launcher to take home! This class combines engineering and astronomy for a creative adventure.

Doodle Buddies:
Combine the science of electricity and engineering; add a little creativity, and you get Doodle Buddies!  Students will love inventing their own self-propelled doodling machine.  *$1.00 per student material fee applies.

Crazy Chemistry:
Fizz, bubble, and color change, Oh My!  Practicing safe laboratory procedures, students will create and observe color change chemical reactions and learn the mysteries behind Dry Ice.

Grades 6-8

From the Inside Out!:
Get your students excited about biology!  Students will learn the criteria for life through the dissection of their very own squid! Learn the surprising adaptations of this incredible creature as they explore squid from the inside out.

Doodle Buddies:
This class is an amazing combination of engineering and creativity! Students will invent their own self-propelled doodling machine through a series of challenges, including assembling a simple circuit and creating a switch.  *$1.00 per student material fee applies.

Cool Chemistry:
Your students will experience how COOL chemistry can be during this hands-on lab.  Students will measure, mix, and pour as they observe the difference between physical changes and chemical reactions. The creation of crazy color changes using dry ice and other chemicals is a crowd pleaser! Safe laboratory procedures will be practiced while handling these exciting substances.

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