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Nano Days

Nano Days
Big Ideas...Small Scale!
MARCH 27 - APRIL 4, 2010!

NanoDays is a nationwide festival of educational programs about nanoscale science and engineering and its potential impact on the future. NanoDays events are organized by participants in the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net), and take place at over 200 science museums, research centers, and universities across the country from Maine to Hawaii.

 What is Nanotechnology?  Come find out about nanotechnology and its many realms. How does nanotechnology affect our everyday life? What is new and cutting edge in the world of nanotechnology? 

Click here for a visual demonstration of scales of size.  Once you reach the link, use your mouse to move the bar beneath the pictures across the screen.

Weekend Events

Explore the Nano world through hands-on activities in our Discovery Lab Saturday, March 27 from 10am-4pm and Sunday, March 28 from 12-4pm.  Click here to learn aMentos Madness!bout the activities.

Saturday, 27th at 1pm:  Exclusive Live Science Show - Mentos Madness!
Explore the science behind the Diet Coke and Mentos geyser with explosive demonstrations.  You'll even get to try your hand at this amazing Nano experience! 

March 27th at 7pm guest speaker, Rich Riddle, will help us explore the Nano world and learn about some practical applications that we may experience in our lifetimes. 
Rich is an engineering and techinical management professional with over thirty five years experience in semiconductor processing equipment manufacturing, laser systems, and aerospace industries.
Admission is free with a $5 suggested donation. 

How Small is a Nanometer? from ScienceWorks on Vimeo.

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